Manufacturing environment

DERMOLAB PHARMA is located near Montréal in the city of Sainte-Julie, Quebec (Canada), in a 50,000-square-foot building.

All of our manufacturing, packaging and storage facilities are grouped together under one roof to ensure optimal control. Our manufacturing and packaging rooms were designed according to technical characteristics that meet Health Canada standards and requirements as well as good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

In that environment, the walls are covered in galvanized steel with baked enamel and sanitary finish. The light fixtures are water- and dirt-proof. The purified water system was designed and built to meet USP standards (pharmaceutical grade). Our manufacturing and packaging rooms are equipped with a pharmaceutical-grade compressed air system.

The plant’s utility systems are validated. A monitoring program is implemented to control the quality of ambient air, purified water and compressed air.

A 300-kW generator with automatic transfer switch ensures uninterrupted current in case of power failure.